Welcome to Elgheim
An oasis in the forest

House for rent as summer holiday home.
Very high standard.

The main building is 100 m2, built of compact round timber in the year 2001. The property also includes an annex, a storehouse on poles and a combined car's garage and wood shelf. This unike home is located in a quiet forest, adjacent to a lovely lake. In the lake you can swim, fish and paddle in the summer.

There are several small hills and beautiful lakes in the area, making it pleasant to strole around in the terrain near by.

The main building consists of a kitchen, living room, TV-room, bathroom, washroom, two bedrooms on the ground floor, and two bedrooms upstairs (eight beds all together). Heat cables in tile floors in the entrance, bathroom and washroom. A heat pump is sufficient for the living rooms, and wall mounted el-ovens warm the bedrooms. An oven for wood with glass windows is installed in the living room. The kitchen has a refrigerator, el-oven and dish washer, and is equipped for eight persons. The drinking water is crystal clear water from a 95 m deep drilled hole in the mountain rocks.

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